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Boyfriend From Hell September 26, 2012

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Boyfriend From Hell 

A Saturn’s Daughter Series

By Jamie Quaid

I have never been to Baltimore but Jamie Quaid brought me right there, to “the Zone”, a contaminated version of the area in and around Baltimore Harbor. An area contaminated by chemicals spills, and left to simmer by corrupt “Big Businesses”. This book takes us through the life of Justine (Tina) Clancy and how her world gets turned upside down while working in “the Zone”.

Tina is the reason i enjoyed this book. She is well written by Jamie Quaid. Bringing us right into the unbelievable situations she finds herself. Feeling the anger and frustration of the wild circumstances she finds herself in as she tries to keep her head down and not be noticed while finishing her law degree. Being right with her as she finds out that she may be a “Daughter of Saturn”.

Tina works for Andre a mysterious business man who has his fingers in a lot of the seedy ventures in “The Zone”.  Doing the books and making the deposits for all of Andre’s questionable businesses she moves around “The Zone” experiencing so many of the zones crazy quirks.

Tina’s bad day starts like any other day as she goes make a deposit at the bank, where for some reason her boyfriend Max almost runs her down with her own car. It is at that moment that she damns him to hell! To her utter amazement Max is really damned to hell.  I enjoyed myself as Tina worked to uncover the mysteries of the zone and the shadowy group that seems to have taken an interest in her after max’s death. I wanted to be one of the people Tina surrounds her self with like her sultry boss, a mysterious stray tabby cat and max’s biker friends to mention just a few.

With such a rich world and well written characters I would recommend  Boyfriend From Hell to any fan of paranormal romance!  I look forward to more from Tina , Andre and her many different friends! I will enjoy another romp in The Zone! Definitely put thus book in your to read stack!!

I rate this book 5 out of 5 Paranormal Stars!


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