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Jennifer Lynn Barnes raises the bar with, Raised by Wolves! October 1, 2012

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Raised by Wolves 

By Jennifer Lynn Barnes

I have just finished listening to, Raised by Wolves read by Eileen Stevens and written by Jennifer Lynn Barnes, from When I got this book, I had no idea what to expect. But I was quickly drawn into the story by Jennifer Lynn Barnes. She gives us a well written and detailed world of the Stone River werewolf pack as seen from the eyes of the books main character 15 year old, Bronwyn Alicia Claire better known as Bryn. I easily connected to the realistic portrayal of a the supernatural world in which Bryn finds herself. After her parents are killed by a rabid were, Bryn is one of only 2 people living in the pack after being adopted by the alpha Casllum  . Bryn has been taught by Callum about pack traditions and politics, preparing her for more than she could have ever known. As Bryn starts to learn about that fateful day when Callum and the pack found her hiding from the were that attacked and killed her parents, she comes to realize there is more to what happened that day when she was 5 years old her life begins to get complicated. The whole complicated world shifts for Bryn when she defies Callum and meets Chase a young were, and a kindred spirit.

One of the things I enjoy is when a book keeps my attention from the beginning to the end from the light moments to the intense moments. Jennifer Lynn Barnes accomplishes this with great ease! As well she keeps the story well grounded as she straddles the mundane world of the reader and the fantastic world of the story. I look forward to hearing more from Bryn, Chase, Callum and all of the other weres!

Eileen Stevens reading of the story was well done. Keeping the story moving at a reasonable pace. Allowing the listener to enjoy the story without hiccups, bobbles or questions. I hope to listen more books read by her!

I rate this book 5 out of 5 Paranormal Stars!